Our Story – Legacy

Our Story - Legacy

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In the year 1990 Mamta Doshi’s dreamt about creating jewellery from her infinite imagination. It happened such that in span of other 5 years she had created her name in the field of jewellery with her masterpiece jewellery creations and this was not her perception but her customer's statement. She went ahead and never looked back since 1995.

In 2012 her final dream came through by creating her own company 'Myriad Art Jewels' which has a beautiful punch line 'Infinite imagination Inspired jewellery' which states Mamta Doshi's perception about her business “It's my infinite imagination inspiring me to make masterpiece jewellery”.

Mamta Doshi's Myriad Art Jewels is the result of a unique heritage and tradition of excellence. The bold and elegant style that fuses classic and contemporary is the paramount feature of Mamta Doshi’s distinctive jewellery designs. Extraordinary hand-selected stones inspire the design team's sketches, which are turned into stunning reality in the hands of expert craftsmen.

Moving ahead Mamta Doshi’s biggest dream came into realization by unveiling her first Ethnic jewellery Lounge in Mumbai. Mamta Doshi’s Ethnic Lounge truly symbolizes a specialized one-stop jewellery house- the first of its kind, creating customizes design to compliment the elegance & sensitivity of today's woman.

Mamta Doshi's passion towards creating each master piece is such a fascinating that the desire to create a better piece than before has always kept her busy in experimenting with new designs using new materials. Even people who love to adorn Mamta Doshi's jewellery find the idea of experimenting with different metals and designs refreshing. This certainly heightens the fashion quotient of the person wearing it as variety is what the modern generation always demands for.

Mamta Doshi's customize Bridal jewellery specific gains the maximum attention of all due to its exquisite designs and the aura attached to it which gives a charismatic look to the bride. However; the modern age prefers some new styles in bridal designs as well in order to give a perfect blend of modern and traditional appearance to the bride on the most important event of her life.

The most important influence over bridal jewellery by Mamta Doshi's has been brought by Kundan, Rajasthani Meenakari and Vilandi works which play a pivotal role in shaping the beautiful designs and carving the shapes of the modern day jewellery of the Indian bride.

Business Philosophy

Quality and excellence form the basis of Mamta Doshi's creations Its corporate philosophy reflects this commitment within the working environment, with the aim of achieving the customer's full satisfaction.

Mamta Doshi’s - Myriad Art Jewels creations are appreciated by customers throughout for their bold, sophisticated and unmistakable style, in which meticulous attention to quality and innovative design combine to create a timeless elegance.

Excellence for Mamta Doshi’s means the perfect balance between the highest quality products and impeccable service throughout its customers.