Our Quality

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Every Myriad Art Jewels – has been stringently checked to ensure that it upholds the Myriad Art Jewels tradition of craftsmanship and is perfectly faithful to the sensitivity and intentions of its creator Mamta Doshi. Mamta Doshi’s Myriad Art Jewels always begins with a rough sketch from her imagination. Then, the craftsmen draw upon all their manual skills and experience to create jewellery with soft and rounded lines, the embodiment of perfection & thus creating a great inspired jewellery piece.

From the very first sketch, the concept is analyzed to select the colors best suited to bring out its brilliance, and to ensure its wearability and consistency with Mamta Doshi’s Myriad Art Jewels tradition and style.

The jewellery is created with the attention to detail, with rigorously selected raw materials and active ingredients. A jewellery accessory is made from exclusive materials at the highest level of craftsmanship.

This focus on outstanding quality is also reflected in customer service. Since 1990, craftsmen have been trained by Mamta Doshi to create a masterpiece jewellery.