Our Customization

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Everyone want to stand out when it comes to fashion or parties or weddings, but only thing which really makes you stand out is the jewelry you wear and how its stands out among other.

We at Myriad jewelry at Mamta Doshi takes pride to start a unique concept of customization for jewelry as key driver to create customer excellence satisfaction. We let the customer see the design and options created while discussions on the table with understanding of her or his emotions in buying of the jewelry or the reason for buying the jewelry. We try to give them options and create dummy jewelries options and from which they select the appropriate ones which will create a unique identity for them. We create the master piece once the customer has freeze one options but if still he or she feels to add something at the end we take it as a great input and give them the rectified option as final and don’t let a single step in giving customer a great experience in buying Mamta Doshi created jewelry.

Customization at our end means by the customer, for the customer that simple. We give customer liberty to choose the designs which are created in front of the customer with long chat on coffee table.

Sometime customer even comes with their wedding attire from which we give them designs options by which they select and freeze the design. The great part is that they are given unique experience and service for which they feel unique when it comes to their great day.

So if you want to be part of such experience please visit our studio and look into our expertise how we take deep understanding of your requirement and create a great unique experience by giving you a master piece jewelry customized by you and which gives you a great satisfaction.