heading design

You may have heard the quote, old is gold. But what if you’re not happy with the gold you currently have? The most obvious option is to go running to the nearest jewelry store to feast your eyes upon rows and rows of sparkly jewelry sets to buy a new set. After all, it’s your daughter wedding, son’s engagement, your 25th anniversary or much more and you have budget concern, then why wait just come at our studio and rejuvenate with new feeling with changes which will be done to your old jewelry without removing or destroying any part of the old jewelry.

That’s why our slogan for resetting and redesigning of jewelry is clear “Rejuvenate.Redesign”. Our unique USP for old to new jewelry is to create a great experience for our customers when it comes to jewelry. We investigate the old jewelry moment when it is show to us and we try to understand the emotions attached to the same. We than take the set to redesign and give our creative touch to create a master piece jewelry without breaking or removing any jewelry. Sometime from single necklace we create one whole set or from one ring we create earrings and ring, there are lot more options but for that you have to visit our studio.

Mamta Doshi says when this type of jewelry comes to her for redesigning “We feel customer as our own and try to give them the best of our experience in terms of our creativity”.